General Problems & FAQ

We have covered the main parts of the game on the previous reviews, and as we are reaching the end of this DigimonLinks guide. So we have decided to speak about the DigiStones and how to become aware of your spending’s inside.

This has nothing to do with the Digimon Links Free Digistones cheats service you will be receiving from it for free.

For your information, DigimonLinks was created and published by “BANDAI NAMC Entertainment Inc.” and it is available on the Android and IOS stores freely.
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How to React with The Duplicated Digimons?

At the advanced stages of the game, you will end up at very different situations with having more than a single Digimon of the same type. And you may only use one as the extra digimon will not add anything to your strength on the battlefield.

So we have decided to give you the ultimate methods to benefit from the duplicated digimons and turn them into a strength point more than a liability.

The Ultimate Ways for Instant Increase of Power.

As we have mentioned previously the usage of the duplicated Digimons, so here comes the time to let you know exactly how to get the advantage from them.

  • Merging one or more digimons together to form out one of the same type but it will gain a special skill. This is a very known method to get the maximum benefits of the duplicated digimons.
  • In the latest patch of the game, they have added the option of the skill transfer. Which means you can finally transfer a certain skill from one digimon to another. So we are speaking about creating a team full of invincible digimons with the right skills to fight at any combat.
  • Try to expand your squads in the team, so you would have more options and solutions for each battle you are entering.

Mainly, we would advise you to consider the skill transferring option as the highest priority. This has been tested by our side and gave us the best results. Apart from the DigimonLinks cheats strength and effectiveness.

How to Become Stronger?

Chips have been implemented into the game lately, and they are mainly responsible for wide things in the game. we are speaking here about the ability to purchase packs and unlock them. no matter which type of packs you are purchasing, they will add power to your account no matter what.

And these Chips are capture able, and each one of them will do a certain boost or a certain special effect when it gets applied to a digimon.

Depending on the rarity level, the higher ones will always provide mode and will worth more if you were planning to resell them in the open market. So considering the DigimonLinks hack service should be on your top of the goals list.

General Problems.

Most common mistakes that the beginners tend to fall to is the rerolling. And by rerolling we meant the restarting the account and starting all over again from the start in a chance or a hope of getting a stronger Digimon to begin with.

We have to let our readers know that this way is no longer viable and will not be affecting your gameplay at any way.

Do Not Skip theDigivolvingProcess.

Each Digimon you have will reach a point, when it will become ready to digivolve and become stronger. But there are certain conditions must be met in order to let your digimons reach this stage. And that is what we will be speaking about mainly in this part.

Your digimons must reach the maximum level first before you consider thinking of any evolving. It will never become available if your digimons are still on the starting levels or whatever. Also there are certain materials must become available in order to complete the evolving process.

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